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Parents of New Trier is an organic group of New Trier parents and taxpayers with concerns about New Trier’s February 28 all-school, all-day seminar, “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights”. The concerns?

Biased Content and Misinformation
There is consistently biased content and worldview of the panels and speakers, and even misinformation, in overt violation of the New Trier School Board’s own regulations (BOE Policy 6-80) on ensuring balance in such discussions.   See this Analysis of Seminar Day Panels for more detail.

Seminar Leaders’ Social Media Feeds are Alarming — And Extreme                            In Their Own Words. . . Warning: Profanity. Several outside seminar leaders have not been properly vetted, considering the controversial and inappropriate nature of some of their social media accounts: i.e., certain speakers advocate for resistance against the police, suggest books like “Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism,” and refer to the police as “animals.” Strong anti-jewish comments are found in the work of some two speakers.

No Diversity and No Solutions
There is no diversity of thought or real solutions offered on how to improve race relations or the lives of African Americans (e.g., school choice, changing federal tax and welfare policy that penalizes marriage, constructively getting to inner city kids before the gangs do, etc.)  See this Analysis of Seminar Day Panels for more information.

“Diversity Programs Don’t Work”: Harvard Business Review (and others):           Evidence abounds that diversity programs like this one do more harm than good, re-enforcing stereotypes and building resentments (click here and here for Harvard Business Review studies and for more articles and information click here). Data indicates that project-based solutions, i.e., working and volunteering together, achieve the greatest benefits.

Parents Overtly Excluded                                                                                                  Despite repeated requests by parents to be involved, and concerns expressed by parents about last year’s similar “MLK Day,” which 40% of students did not attend, New Trier administration forged ahead and without parental input.  In addition no mechanism exists for parents to sign off on a child’s involvement or panel discussion selection for the day, even though such mechanisms and requirements exist for courses, special projects within certain coursework, grade reports, field trips, etc.

Instructional Time and Resources Diverted                                                                 Parents, particularly with children on IEPs, have voiced concern that this all-school event – including the significant number of staff and administrative hours required to prepare for it and conduct it – has taken valuable instructional time, focus, and other resources from the academic mission of New Trier. This is in addition to the over half-million dollars of operating costs devoted to the 2017 New Trier Seminar Day, “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights.”

We are glad you are here. On this website you can:                                           

  • Go through the seminar offerings which have been annotated to highlight bias and misinformation
  • Learn more about some of the radical speakers involved
  • Find out about the costs of the program
  • Learn how to reach the School Board
  • Consider alternative topics, speakers, or opportunities to serve and engage with diverse communities in lieu of the Seminar Day–whether or not your child attends
  • Sign up to be on our mailing list for more information
  • Contact “Parents of New Trier”
  • Sign the petition to balance – or else suspend – New Trier’s Seminar Day on Race
  • Much more!

We encourage you to get informed, ask questions, and take constructive action.  Sign the petition!  The New Trier staff, administration and School Board need to hear from you.

We hope you join us, and thanks for stopping by.  Click here to read some messages we’ve received.


An Alternative to Seminar Day:  Spending time in Woodlawn

2/29 Thank you, Pastor Brooks, for hosting students and parents at Project HOOD for an instructive and unforgettable look at the challenges facing Woodlawn and Project HOOD’s vision for addressing them.   We really enjoyed meeting new friends in Woodlawn — and lunch was amazing!

A group of New Trier students who with parental consent had already chosen not to attend Seminar Day spent several hours on Feb 28 with Pastor Corey Brooks, his Project HOOD colleagues and local Woodlawn high school students to actively engage with his Woodlawn community in Chicago – not merely talk about it in classrooms.   Students and parents spent time in discussion with Pastor Brooks, toured the Woodlawn neighborhood — including the donated Walgreens building which is soon to become a community center — and enjoyed lunch together.

Monday February 27, 2017 – Thank you Pastor Brooks for coming to speak to a packed room at Mallinckrodt Center in Wilmette yesterday.  90 people attended to hear about the challenges facing the South side of Chicago, and what Project HOOD is doing to help. Pastor Brooks issued an invitation to students and parents to attend a day in his Woodlawn neighborhood (see above).

Pastor Corey Brooks of Project HOOD and New Beginnings Church addresses a packed room at Mallinckrodt on February 26 to talk about the challenges in Woodlawn and Project HOOD’s plan to help.

3/7 Winnetka Current: Using Seminar Day Ruse to Build Mailing List?/And a “Movie Preview” too!

2/28 “New Trier Should Focus Less On Race, More on Economic Inequality,” Chicago Tribune, Corey Brooks.

2/27 “School Seminar Near Chicago Sparks Civil Rights, Race Debate,” Associated Press, Sophia Tareen.

2/26 “Veering Left, Education Advocacy Group Pushes Identity Politics at New Trier” — North Cook News.  The politicization of New Trier’s racial seminar.  Mimi Rodman –the leader of the anti-balance, anti-diverse views group — serves as Executive Director of, a political action group which solicited money from petition signers. Only, they didn’t know

2/25 CNN’s Smerconish to NT Dad Tony Duncan: You Should have Been on Panel! Voices like Tony’s will help change the debate long after Seminar Day is over Tony Duncan: Changing the Debate

2/24  Pastor Corey Brooks interviewed about NT school board meeting and Feb 26 Wilmette event, Chicago’s Morning Answer, Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson, AM 560 

2/23  New Trier Says Yes – Students May be Excused on Seminar Day, No Penalty

2/21  Pastor Corey Brooks,  “Comments on New Trier School Board Meeting , Big John and Ray, WLS 890 

2/21 “White Guilt Invades Elite Illinois High School”, The Weekly Standard, Dennis Byrne

2/20 Dan Proft and Chicago Tribune Editorial Board’s Kristen McQuery on New Trier Seminar Day and Board Meeting , AM 560

2/20  Betsy Hart is a New Trier Parent who wants balance in a Civil Rights SymposiumBig John and Ray, WLS 890

2/18  The Wall Street Journal: “It’s Racial Indoctrination Day” at New Trier, WSJ, Peter Berkowitz, Feb 18, 2017

2/17The Closing of New Trier’s Mind,” Chris Robling, guest contributor,, Feb 17, 2017

2/16  Chicago High School Pushes Left-Wing Racist Seminar Despite Parents’ Concerns, D.C. McAllister, Feb 16, 2017

2/16 – WLFD 32 TV reveals that on Feb 9, certain students at New Trier were pressed to take a  White Privilege “Survey” (survey easily found on web, used in SEED curricula). Mom of sophomore student told to take the “survey” calls it bullying.

2/13 New Trier may have Violated their Own School Policy in Mandatory Race Seminar – Legal Review Pending“,, Feb 13, 2017

2/11 Now Follow us on Twitter! @ParentsOfNT

2/10 A New Trier Dad Speaks Out (a MUST listen) AM 560 Morning Answer with Dan Proft – start audio at 1:37:50 or listen here 

2/10 “Another Kind of Resistance: Parents” National Review

2/9 New Trier Takes a Left Turn”: Chicago Sun Times, Opinion                                  “What are ‘racial civil rights’ – anyway? Aren’t there just ‘civil rights’?”

2/9 “New Trier Superintendent Defends Seminar Day Line-up” WGN-TV

2/9  “White Guilt Doesn’t Make Black Lives Matter” North Cook News

2/7  Statement from “Parents of New Trier” on Feb.6 Superintendents Meeting

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