Election Filings are In and No “Dark Money” – At Least for PONT/Independent Candidates

Thanks to TJ Brown for this explanation:

The election filings are in: The New Trier Coalition (attacked in Paul Traynor’s video for taking national “dark money”) collected exactly $0 from Dan Proft, $0 from Sylvie or Todd Ricketts, $0 from any other PAC, $0 from anyone outside New Trier Township. It did get one $500 donation from John “Dark Money” Powers. It also spent no money through the end of the quarter.

Filings for New Trier Coalition PAC

The Economy Party, actively supported by Mr. Traynor, accepted donations from Democrat Cook County Board member and Democrat Larry Suffredin (not a New Trier resident) as well as the partisan campaign committees of Debra Shore, Michael Cabonargi, Laura Fine and even a candidate from Vernon Township (Lake County) Supervisor. PAC support came in from Chicago, Buffalo Grove, and Skokie. They also had the support of “Citizens for NT Fairness,” which raised (but didn’t itemize as they should have) and spent more than $900. And, the Economy Party  had its termination report signed by a treasurer who wasn’t denoted on their D-1 form, also required by election law.

Filings for New Trier Economy Party

They also received the support of the “Wilmette Friends” which electioneered as a PAC but didn’t register as one. Then there was also the matter of the $15,000 “basic costs” covered in the making of a video, shows two days before Election Day and which its maker declared MUST be shown before Election Day, that clearly advocated against four candidates (Costello, Woerhle, Myalls, and Szulc) on the ballot two days later.

Where’s the dark money coming from again?

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