“Parents of New Trier” Seeks Independent Investigation on Stand, Inc.’s Involvement in Seminar Day on Race

At the Monday, March 20 New Trier School Board meeting, “Parents of New Trier” revealed Stand, Illinois’ involvement in Seminar Day – and demanded answers:

Statement by “Parents of New Trier to School Board”, Asking for special investigation on Stand, IL, activities, and violation of New Trier School Board Policy:

Back up items for for statement include:

Solicitations for signatures for the petition are actually going directly to Stand, Illinois  – check out real address on bottom left, “action.stand.org” (why hide it if there’s nothing wrong with doing it?)

Stand, Illinois, sent out lots of links which misrepresent “Parents of New Trier” to its mailing list – Isn’t Stand, Illinois, supposed to be FOR parent involvement in schools?:

Below the petition against “Parents of New Trier” that Stand, Illinois, led by Stand executive director, Mimi Rodman, in the middle, presented to the New Trier School Board.

This list of names has now been solicited several times for money and partisan political activity by Stand, Inc., national and state level affiliates. The names (that no one outside of a small band knew at the time were really going to Stand, Illinois) can now be rented by Stand to direct mail brokers. They are valuable. No wonder Ms. Rodman looks so happy! (And there’s still that “donate” button at the bottom!

Here Stand, Illinois, is working to drum up support against “Parents of New Trier” -and they are always, always fundraising! This clearly violates New Trier School Board Policy 8-80, which prohibits fundraising on behalf of school programs unless the School Board gives the group express permission:

In super fine print at the bottom of the solicitation page (with a check box for $500!) It’s revealed that donations are going to Stand, Illinois. But, it’s never revealed by Mimi Rodman, the first name on every letter, that she has any affiliation with Stand, Illinois – much less she’s the executive director of Stand Illinois!

Below are examples of letters sent to New Trier High School which suggest Stand, IL backers were well received as they sought to work with New Trier to shut down “Parents of New Trier” (i.e., Eve Williams, a signer of the Stand, Illinois, letters, is cc:d on the first.) “Crazy times my friends. . . ” No kidding!

Letter from Stand, IL Backers, to New Trier re: Seminar Day

Teacher says, “another percent reporting” – What?

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