Analysis of Individual Seminar Sessions. Finally.

 Analysis of Seminar Day Panel Choices

(Also, see links to New Trier website, and panel choices without annotation, below.)

When you open the link above and start looking at the offerings for the New Trier Seminar Day, you will probably notice that the almost 100 different workshops share a distorted and biased worldview. 

  • The Seminar claims: “Identity” is defined by race. Period. It is fixed and determinative. (The term  “racial,” “racist,” “bias,” and “systemic racism” suffuse the panel descriptions, together appearing over 80 times. Meanwhile, in a Seminar Day devoted to, “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights,”  a working definition of the term “civil rights” is not offered.)
  • The Seminar claims: People of the same race think and feel the same way about most or all things.
  • The Seminar claims:  Disparities between races are defacto evidence of “systemic racism.” Not, for instance, government policies that confine poor children to failing inner city schools, devastate black families, and encourage crime and dependence.
  • The Seminar claims: “Systemic racism” should be the root of all discussions. But, that means real solutions – choice in education, federal tax, regulation, and welfare polices that encourage marriage and families, independence, and entrepreneurship – are squeezed out.
  • The Seminar is structured in such a way that: Time and again the topic is declared, with no speaker or even format listed. What came first – the worldview, or a speaker credibly able to address the topic?

There is no diversity of thought in this “diversity” program. No courage, just cliches.

Note: There do appear to be a handful of constructive sessions that in their descriptions do not reflect the above, and do seem to be apolitical. If your children attend Seminar Day, you may want to encourage them to consider the workshops on comedy, poetry, gospel music, or the Civil War.

New Trier Webpage on Seminar Day

Seminar Workshops Winnetka Campus (no annotations)

Seminar Workships Northfield Campus (no annotations)




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