New Trier says “yes” – students may be excused on Seminar Day, with no penalties

“Parents of New Trier” has been informed that New Trier says “yes” – they’ve heard you, students excused on February 28, for any reason, will be able to participate in sports, sports tryouts, or other extracurricular activities that day.

New Trier is not likely to initiate a statement to this, so here is a copy of the email “Parents'” Betsy Hart sent to Principal Dubrovec this morning recapping their conversation:                                                                                                                         Hi Denise – thank you for reaching out to me yesterday. I want to confirm our conversation so I can be sure I am understanding things rightly. And thank you so much for your attention to this matter:
It is the decision of New Trier that students may be excused from school by a parent on Tuesday, the 28th, no questions asked.
Excused students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities that day. You have already signaled coaches and faculty sponsors that this is the case.
A student may not wish to signal an after school sponsor if they are not attending that day, whatever reason they are not attending. Because attendance lists that are usually sent to after school coaches and faculty sponsors will not be sent on that day, a conversation with the coach/sponsor is not technically necessary. But it would be wise, and would probably put minds at ease, if there are concerns about repercussions, for parents and students to confirm directly with coaches/sponsors that they are all on the same page.
If there are any problems, the parent or student can speak directly with you.
That is my understanding of our conversation.
Again, thank you so much for working to accommodate anyone who might choose for whatever reason not to attend on February 28.
Betsy Hart, for

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